Monday, December 31, 2007

KnowboForm Site Submitter v1.6 beta Released!

A new version of KnowboForm v1.6 beta has been released in January 2008. The download is free for registered beta users and the license is valid till 31st May, 2008. Registration is free and the LFL offering is still open.

This version enables you to explore many more avenues of website promotion and marketing. It's built in database contains hundreds and thousands of directories, search engines, press release distribution networks, software distribution and download sites. Most of the sites allow free submission.

KnowboForm v1.6 beta has the following new features added:

  • More sites added to its database making a total of more than 6,000 sites.
  • Article submission template profile modified.
  • Improvement in auto update of site database.
  • New fields added to the site database and those are automatically updated.
  • Profile export/import functionality.
  • Submission export/import functionality.
  • Summarized Site information screen with site thumbnail picture.
  • Summarized Profile information screen.
  • Improved look and feel, interaction modifications with enhanced tool bar.
  • Improved form filling with pattern matched category selection.
  • Random selection feature of profile input value is modified. The new entry separator (`) now allows alternate patterns for category selection.
  • Some bugs have been fixed and many improvements are made.
Register and download your copy now. Please click on the link to Register as a beta user.