Thursday, October 15, 2009

11,111 is a Nice Hit Count - KnowboForm Popularity is Ever Growing

KnowboForm users are definitely loving it. The application hit count at the moment (15 October 12:15 PM, GMT) is 11,111 - incidental though this nice accumulation of all ones, it does signifies KnowboForm's ever increasing popularity as a multipurpose website submission and promotion tools. Although a new version is long overdue but it was not a big issue, as the version 1.6.5 beta is stable enough and rich enough to meet the purpose. Nevertheless, the new version is coming soon, so fingers crossed!

Enjoy using KnowboForm v1.6.5 and those who are yet to ask for an LFL (Lifetime Free License) please send us your feedback and have it - it's that easy.