Monday, December 31, 2007

KnowboForm Site Submitter v1.6 beta Released!

A new version of KnowboForm v1.6 beta has been released in January 2008. The download is free for registered beta users and the license is valid till 31st May, 2008. Registration is free and the LFL offering is still open.

This version enables you to explore many more avenues of website promotion and marketing. It's built in database contains hundreds and thousands of directories, search engines, press release distribution networks, software distribution and download sites. Most of the sites allow free submission.

KnowboForm v1.6 beta has the following new features added:

  • More sites added to its database making a total of more than 6,000 sites.
  • Article submission template profile modified.
  • Improvement in auto update of site database.
  • New fields added to the site database and those are automatically updated.
  • Profile export/import functionality.
  • Submission export/import functionality.
  • Summarized Site information screen with site thumbnail picture.
  • Summarized Profile information screen.
  • Improved look and feel, interaction modifications with enhanced tool bar.
  • Improved form filling with pattern matched category selection.
  • Random selection feature of profile input value is modified. The new entry separator (`) now allows alternate patterns for category selection.
  • Some bugs have been fixed and many improvements are made.
Register and download your copy now. Please click on the link to Register as a beta user.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Extended License for v1.4 beta is now Available for Download

Extended license for v1.4 beta is now available for download. The license is valid till 30-Sep-07. New member should download both the application and the license. After installation replace the old license file with the new one. After installation, the license file is usually found in the "C:\Program Files\KnowboForm\" directory and the file name is "kbform.frmbrowser.lic".

Existing users can simply replace the .lic file with the new one.

Monday, July 30, 2007

KnowboForm v1.6 beta Release is Delayed - v1.4 License Extension on 4th Aug'07

Due to some unavoidable circumstances release of KnowboForrm v1.6 beta (next to v.14) is being delayed. Meanwhile the v1.4 extended license will be issued to all beta users on 4th of August'07, as a result users will not be able to use KnowboForm from 1st of August to 4th of August as the v1.4 beta will be expired on 31st July. We are sorry for the inconveniences.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Submit Web Site with more Pleasure - KnowboForm v1.4 beta has been Released !!!

A new version of the tool, KnowboForm v1.4 beta, has just been released and available for download. You will find this version as quick, friendly, and even more powerful.

The major new features of v1.4 beta are:

1) backup/restore user data
2) save/auto-fill login/password from the login page
3) registration profile always available for filling-up when required
4) context sensitive help file
5) improved browsing speed
6) improved functionalities
7) improved look-and-feel
8) user specified database path
9) and more...

Download from here:

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

KnowboForm v1.2 Features - Promote your Website with Pleasure

Scope of Submission

KnowboForm is the first general purpose site submission software that can semi automatically perform virtually any type of submission task without compromising the quality of submission. KnowboForm can actually enrich the quality of submission by allowing variations in information to be submitted.

In particular KnowboForm has built-in template profiles to semi automatically submit to Directories, Article Sites, Press Release Distribution Networks, Software Download Sites, Search Engines, etc.

It is very easy for KnowboForm users to create new templates for new type of submission tasks. For example users can create template profile for Classified submission, Personal information submission, etc.

Site List

KnowboForm is probably the only software in the market that has a huge database of 5,500+ submission sites with updated information of about 40+ site characteristics such as free, payment or reciprocal requirement, page rank, alexa rank, backlinks, etc.

Most importantly, KnowboForm database can never be backdated because most of the important information can be automatically updated. Users don't have to wait for an update of database to be released by the Developer because auto-update is a KnowboForm built-in feature.

Users can also add new sites and update site information manually. If required, users can even delete sites that do not possibly fulfill user's standard or requirement.

As of v1.2 beta KnowboForm database category wise site count is listed below. There are roughly 4110 Directories, 220 Article Sites, 60 Press Release Distribution Networks, 940 Software Download Sites, 150 Search Engines, and 100 of other sites comprising a total of 5550+ sites. The site list is not static. Sites are being updated, ammended, or even discarded on a regular basis to maintain the quality of inclusion.

Directory - General.............3200+
Directory - Regional.............200+
Directory - Commerce.............130+
Directory - Miscellaneous.........80+
Directory - Travel................70+
Directory - Portal................70+
Directory - Webmasters............50+
Directory - Shopping..............50+
Directory - Leisure...............20+
Directory - Internet..............20
Directory - Media.................20-
Directory - Blog..................20-
Directory - SEO...................10+
Directory - of Directories........10-
Directory - Forum.................10
Directory - Academic..............10-
Directory - Others................40+

Article Directory - General......180+
Article Directory - Buisness......10-
Artcile Directory - Others........30-

Press Release Distribution........60+

Download Site - Software.........650+
Download Site - Shareware........200+
Download Site - Freeware..........50+
Download Site - Freebie...........40+

Search Engines...................150-
Miscellaneous ...................100+

A TOTAL OF .....................5550+

Your Website Profile

KnowboForm offers a flexible interface to create your own website profile before submitting. Users can just copy a template profile for a specific purpose, provide the information required, and save. Your profile is ready to submit.

You can enter multiple number of the same information with some variations. For example, you may want to vary your website title or description so that your submissions look different to the search engine spiders. KnowboForm randomly pickup one item during submission. You can have multiple entries for any field of your site profile, not just title or description. In KnowboForm you enter separate multiple entries within the same field. You enter a tilde (~) charater alone in a new line between entries to separate multiple entries. See the example below:

Your Website Title 1
Your Website Title 2
Your Website Title 3
Your Website Title N

Techie user can create new templates with new field specification. KnowboForm profile field's technical name can be written as regular expression patterns. These patterns are matched with web form input field names (html tag name) during semi automatic submission.

Fetaure List yet to be Completed...

Monday, April 02, 2007

KnowboForm Site Submitter v1.2 beta has been Released

KnowboForm v1.2 beta has been released on 31st March '07. The version will remain valid till 31 May 2007. Please visit and login to download the new version.

Besides some bug fixes and internal improvements that may not be apparent on the surface here are some new features in v1.2 beta that you may find useful:
  1. In addition to Google PageRank and Alexa Rank following new site attributes have been added: Google Backlinks, Yahoo Backlinks, Msn Backlinks, Site title.
  2. Auto update of Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, Google Backlinks, Yahoo Backlinks, Msn Backlinks, and Site title - that means site database will never be backdated.
  3. Search whether your site is listed or not - this feature has been improved with multi threading capabilty. Searching within a site or directory is powered by Google, Yahoo, and Msn live search. You have the choice to exclude or include any of these three engine.
  4. Some user interface improvements
  5. Support for both .NET 1.1 and .NET 2.0
  6. A list of 5500+ sites with updated info
Some enhancements in the v1.2 beta are:
  1. Double clicking on a site in the sitelist will now open submit page in the browser if the submit page is available. Otherwise, it will open the home page of the site domain.
  2. "Find Site" dialog with "pattern matching", "exact matching", and "begins with" functionality.
  3. Save your profile entry in one go.
Thanks to those who kindly extended their support to port KnowboForm in other languages. The v1.2 does not support multiple languages. However, a language port will be available ASAP.

Please help improve KnowboForm by posting your feedback to and be entitled to a lifetime free license (LFL). If you are already an LFL holder keep sending your suggestions for further improvement of KnowboForm as it is your tool now.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

What is KnowboForm?

KnowboForm is a site submitter software for the sole purpose of website promotion and marketing. It has been developed for webmasters, website owners, small on-line businesses, and site submission service providers. The tool is especially aimed at those who have very small budget or no-budget-at-all for the promotion of their websites.

As a site submission tool, KnowboForm will help you semi automatically submit your sites to thousands of directories, press release distribution networks, search engines, software download sites, and articles directories. KnowboForm can in fact be used as a general purpose web site submission tool. Each and every site listed in the KnowboForm's database has been reviewed carefully for twenty plus valuable information to aid in selecting and filtering suitable sites before submission.

Semi automatic submission is also suitable for saving time and labor while maintaining the quality of submission. However, KnowboForm is also aware of many sites that can be submitted to in an automatic manner and without compromising the quality of submission. Those sites can be submitted to automatically using KnowboForm.

More than 90% of KnowboForm's database contains sites that offer free listing. However, offers change quite frequently, so KnowboForm database is updated quite frequently too. KnowboForm promises to be the best marketing companion of shoestring-budget site owners so that they can promote their businesses with pleasure.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

KnowboForm Site Submitter v1.0 beta Released

KnowboForm v1.0 beta has been released on 31 January 2007.

The new v1.0 beta has the following features added:
  • 500 more sites added including many press release distribution sites making a total of more than 4,500 sites.
  • Press release template profile added and software download template profile modified.
  • Random selection feature of profile input value is modified. The new multiple entry separator (~) now allows new lines as part of the input and thus facilitate long text with multiple paragraphs (such as press release body) in a single input.
  • Some bugs have been fixed and some improvements are made.
Register and download your copy now. Please click on the link below:
Register as a beta user
Download KnowboForm Site Submitter v1.0 beta

KnowboForm v1.0 beta enables you to explore many avenues of website promotion and marketing. It's built in database contains hundreds and thousands of directories, search engines, press release distribution networks, software distribution and download sites. Most of the sites allow free submission.