Monday, April 02, 2007

KnowboForm Site Submitter v1.2 beta has been Released

KnowboForm v1.2 beta has been released on 31st March '07. The version will remain valid till 31 May 2007. Please visit and login to download the new version.

Besides some bug fixes and internal improvements that may not be apparent on the surface here are some new features in v1.2 beta that you may find useful:
  1. In addition to Google PageRank and Alexa Rank following new site attributes have been added: Google Backlinks, Yahoo Backlinks, Msn Backlinks, Site title.
  2. Auto update of Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, Google Backlinks, Yahoo Backlinks, Msn Backlinks, and Site title - that means site database will never be backdated.
  3. Search whether your site is listed or not - this feature has been improved with multi threading capabilty. Searching within a site or directory is powered by Google, Yahoo, and Msn live search. You have the choice to exclude or include any of these three engine.
  4. Some user interface improvements
  5. Support for both .NET 1.1 and .NET 2.0
  6. A list of 5500+ sites with updated info
Some enhancements in the v1.2 beta are:
  1. Double clicking on a site in the sitelist will now open submit page in the browser if the submit page is available. Otherwise, it will open the home page of the site domain.
  2. "Find Site" dialog with "pattern matching", "exact matching", and "begins with" functionality.
  3. Save your profile entry in one go.
Thanks to those who kindly extended their support to port KnowboForm in other languages. The v1.2 does not support multiple languages. However, a language port will be available ASAP.

Please help improve KnowboForm by posting your feedback to and be entitled to a lifetime free license (LFL). If you are already an LFL holder keep sending your suggestions for further improvement of KnowboForm as it is your tool now.

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