Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Fact about Site Submission: How KnowboForm can help you

Why Site Submission

Directory submission as well as search engine submission should be your first avenue of site promotion after publishing your web pages. Google, Yahoo, MSN, Lycos, and all of the search engines that send out “spiders” or “robots” (programs) to index your site give you a more prominent placement if you are linked to from directories.

KnowboForm's built-in database contains thousands of directories and hundreds of search engines. We have spent countless hours to review those sites and actually submitted to those sites manually and semi-automatically. We did so, to gather information and behaviors of those sites; evaluate, classify, and compare those sites; to make your site submission tasks as automatic and painless as possible and to save your valuable time.

Submission Technique

By hand submitting to directories, you get listed by directories that are run by real people. The search engines such as Google and Yahoo know that these directories hand approve people, and because of this, the major search engines consider links from directories to be “authority” links.

In one hand, hand-submitting to directories are very laborious and time consuming, on the other hand, directory submission, in particular, can not be always fully automated. Even when the submission can be some-how automated the quality of submission becomes poor and thus the very objective of the submission is not achieved. KnowboForm takes the middle path and that is the semi automatic submission technique. In this way webmasters can maintain a balance between labor-saving and quality. In addition, KnowboForm allows you to manage, control, and keep track of your submissions.

One-way Link

It is possible to develop many high quality non-reciprocal links directed to your site from authority sites such as Search Engine Directories. If they are properly submitted, many times they will have your keywords in the links as well. This makes your “authority” links even more powerful because they are considered “anchor-text” links. (Anchor Text links are links that have the keyword phrases that people would search on in order to find your site right in the hyperlink itself.)

Using KnowboForm you can quickly identify the directories and search engines that allow non-reciprocal listing, free or paid. However, more than 90% of all listings maintained in KnowboForm allows free submission. Why not filter-out those sites that allow free non reciprocal link building.

Review before Submit

The reason why directory submission is so important these days is because many search engines use human edited directories in order to determine the value of the websites they index. This is why it is important for you to carefully review the directory you choose to submit your site to and how to correctly submit it. It is a waste of time and energy to submit your site to directories without first reading the guidelines, as many of them will reject your site if you don't follow directions.

Each and every site contained in the KnowboForm is carefully reviewed for twenty plus important information about a site at just mouse-click away. If you don't have the time to review all the sites before submitting - KnowboForm is your best companion that has already reviewed those sites for you.

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