Thursday, November 02, 2006

KnowboForm Submitter - Alpha version is available

Knowbotron is in the process of developing a semi-automatic directory, software and web form submission utility called KnowboForm Submitter which is currently in its Alpha version. You may download it from the knowbotron site. The Alpha version contains the following features:

1) Semi automatically submit your site to thousands of free, reciprocal and paid directories and search engines.
2) Semi automatically submit your software to thousands of software, freeware, and shareware download sites.
3) Filter-out only the sites of your interest among multitude of directories, download sites, and search engines of general and niche categories based on numerous site characteristics.
4) Manage, search and report on your submissions. The integrated database can keep track of every submission you made.
5) Automatically search the submitted directories or sites to check whether your submissions have been added.
6) Many more interesting features to make your site promotion activities as pleasant as possible.

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