Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Export/Import configurations and submissions

Upcoming v1.6.5 beta will allow you to export and import selected submission profile. You will also be able to export and import complete configurations of profiles, customers, and projects in one go. Note that the entities "customer" and "project" are new in v1.6.5 which will be discussed in detail in the next post.

The exported file is an xml file and therefore can be viewed in web browsers. Following are the file extensions that KnowboForm use for various export/import files:

1) KnowboForm profiles: ".prf.xml"
2) KnowboForm customers or companies: ".com.xml"
3) KnowboForm projects: ".prj.xml"
4) KnowboForm configurations (profiles+customers+projects): ".cfg.xml"
5) KnowboForm submissions: ".sub.xml"

The item 5) above indicates that you will also able to export and import all your submission data in xml format.

The export and import to/from xml files are in addition to the backup and restore facilities which are already available from earlier versions.

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