Friday, February 08, 2008

KnowboForm Project to aid Website Submission Services

Project concept has been introduced in upcoming KnowboForm v1.6.5 beta that will greatly facilitate the task of website submission services. Site submission services are offered by some vendors doing the manual site submission on behalf of their client webmasters and website owners. One of the benefits of employing a manual site submission vendor is the retained quality of submission.

No doubt that the quality of submission gets degraded when sites are submitted automatically. KnowboForm is a semi automatic site submission tool yet it has many time saving features to simplify the submission process. The KnowboForm "Project" is one such feature that will enable a site submitter to manage multiple submission tasks for multiple customers websites together in a single project.

To submit a site one has to create a submission profile in KnowboForm. Since KnowboForm is used as a multi purpose submission tool you attach a submission scope (such as directory submission, search engine submission, blog pinging, etc.) to your profile. A "Project" in KnowboForm is collection of many submission profiles for a single submission scope. Thus when you submit to a site you will be able to submit all the profiles one by one to the same directory or search engine (or whatever scope attached to the Project). The shoctcut key [F9] select the next submission profile in the project.

A project is not necessarily to be created for one customer or company. It can be created for multiple customers if the scope of submission is same.

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