Saturday, February 09, 2008

Quickly Add New Sites to KnowboForm Site Database

There are thousands of sites already in the database and the site list is still growing. User could also add new sites by appending a new record to the "Site Info" grid. Beginning from v1.6.5 beta, users will also be able to quickly add a new site by entering a few key information i.e. Domain, Category, and Submission scope.

A separate "Add Site Quick" dialog will pop up when user click on the "Add" button on the "Site Info" grid. This dialog will also have functionality to check whether the site already exists or not, if it exists, then whether it is a regular one or a blocked one.

KnowboForm keep a site in a "blocked" list when any of the following three flags is set to "Y" - IsInactive, IsProblem, and IsExcluded. It is recommended not to delete the sites in the blocked list to avoid future inclusion of such sites. If a site on the blocked list is deemed okay, it can be switched back to the regular list by setting all the three flags to "N" or "(null)".

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