Sunday, February 03, 2008

How KnowboForm can Greatly Help you in Directory Submission?

The KnowboForm is the perfect tool for keeping track of submissions to directories (and many other systems of submission). It has many features to help make directory submissions easier and quicker for the webmaster. It's the most affordable way to ensure that you're submitting properly to the directories and to prevent your website from being banned and given a bad reputation. You're able to update the directory URL database in the program by adding as many directory URL's as you want as there's no limit. It can also help you to ensure that there'll be no duplicate URL's so that you don't submit to the same directory twice (if that directory doesn't accept multiple submissions of the same url, however many directories do accept). You're also able to keep track of which directories you've successfully submitted to, if you've already submitted your link and how many days ago that you did. You also have the ability to skip the directory URL's that you've already submitted to in order to save you time and prevent you from submitting again. You can even know what page rank ( and many other site performance matrices ) the link has before you submit so that you can be picky in which directories you would like to submit your website to. The KnowboForm is very easy to use and will save you time and money.

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