Saturday, January 12, 2008

Automatically Fill-in Category of your Submission

Properly filling-in category of submission has always been a challenge for any automatic or semi automatic site submission tool. Usually submitter has to select from a fixed list of category values. The list of values varies from site to site even if those sites run on the same base software like for example phpLinkDirectory. Because sites normally allow its users to add categories and list of categories grows over time. Therefore choosing a proper category automatically pose some difficulties for a submitter.

Needless to say that submitting to a proper category is an important aspect of site submission not only from SEO point of view but also it is a factor that clearly influences acceptance of any submission.

KnowboForm has come up with a solution to this problem. Beginning from v1.6.2 beta it will enable you to create submission profile that defines patterns for such fields where a choice has to be made from a list of values during submission.

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