Monday, January 21, 2008

KnowboForm Password Manager

Some significant improvements have been made in the upcoming v1.6.4 beta in the area of registration, sign-in, and site password management. The beta is due to be released by 31 January '08.

A new password manager in this version will allow users to store, update, and one-click sign-in to the sites where log-in is required.

This is similar to the facilities built-in in many browsers like Firefox, IE, Opera, etc. The password manager in KnowboForm however does some extra like one-click sign-in.

It can store multiple uid/password for a single site and for a single KnowboForm user. It pops-up to allow user to select the intended user id when there are multiple userid stored.

KnowboForm Password manager will certainly save website owners' valuable time spent in site promotion.

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