Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Vary Submission Entries Sequentially or Randomly

The steps involved in site submission using KnowboForm is - a) create a submission profile, b) visit to the submission page, c) auto-fill the form, d) submit and record your submission.

This article discuss an interesting features relevant for step a) and c).

During creation of a submission profile one has to enter submission specific information in the respective fields of a form and store that under a profile ID. Considering the SEO aspects of submission, KnowboForm allows you to specify multiple values for a single field.

Up until v1.6.3, one entry from those multiple values were randomly chosen during filling-up of the form.

In the upcoming v1.6.4 users will be able to specify whether the value will also be chosen sequentially by rotation.

Thus KnowboForm allows you to compose your submission entries by varying unique description, title, and other such fields which is important as search engines usually prefer unique information. Submission variation and rotation is a very important aspects of any website submission and promotion campaign.

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