Sunday, January 13, 2008

Classified Ad Submission using KnowboForm

From KnowboForm v1.6.3 beta website owners will be able to semi automatically submit there sites to classified advertisement sites such as,,, and 50+ others. Earlier versions of KnowboForm were also able to automate submissions to classified Ad sites but there was no standard profile template for this. From v1.6.3 onwards KnowboForm has got a standard profile template (*CLS) for classified Ad submission.

In KnowboForm, a profile template is the collection of form fields and content of the fields stored together. The form fields carries with them enough technical information to enable automatic filling-in of the form. The content of a field can be fixed or it can be randomly or sequentialy selected from a set of choices. Field content can have string patterns to match with pull down selection list (such as category).

Following is the latest record count in the KnowboForm site database:

Scope of Submission..........Site Count
Directory Submission..............4200+
Article Submission................1500+
Software Submission................900+
Search Engine Submission...........100+
Press Release Submission...........100+
Classified Ad Submission............50+
Submit your sites to a total of...6500+

KnowboForm site submitter is a general purpose web site submission tool. As you can see from the above record counts that it can automate your submission for many kinds of website promotion methods such as: Directory submission, Article submission, Software submission, Search engine submission, Press release distribution, and Classified Ad submission. More importantly it does not restrict you to methods just stated. It is general purpose and that means users can create new templates and fields for any kind of form submission on the Internet.

Many site submission requires registration or sign-up to set up an account and sign-in during submission. KnowboForm can automate this sign-up and sign-in process too. It will allow you to auto-fill your registration info and remember your login info for a particular site when first time you log-in. Later on it can automatically fill-in your sign-in info too.

KnowboForm's aim is to save your time and labor and make the website promotion job as pleasant as possible.

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