Thursday, January 24, 2008

Infinite Number of Variations of your Submission is now Possible

In addition to specifying alternate entries using tilde ( ~ ) symbol in earlier versions, a very cool feature has been added to the upcoming KnowbForm v1.6.4 beta. That is, users can configure submission profile to create variations or rotations within an entry using pipe-and-braces { | } symbols.

Let's see the difference between the workings of ( ~ ) and { | } with examples.

Alternative entry using ( ~ ):

This is entry number one.
This is an alternative entry.
This is another alternative entry.

The above specification will create 3 alternative entries for the form field which can be randomly or sequentially selected during auto-population of forms.

Alternative entry using ( ~ ) and variations in entries using { | }:

This is entry {number one | variation 1 | variation 2}.
This is an {alternative entry | variation of alternative entry}.
This is {another alternative entry | variation of another alternative entry | another variation | yet another variation }. Why not create variations { here | and here} too. {Wherever | Whenever} you want, create variations, no problem at all.

The above specification will create 3 variations for the first entry, 2 variations for the second entry, and 4x2x2=16 variations for the third entry. As a result there will be 3x2x16=96 alternatives for this entry.

Users can define alternative entries and entry variations for any descriptive field like Title, Description, Article Body, etc. This feature is particularly important for article body or entry descriptions to create unique looking articles from the search engine's perspective.

Many sites do not allow multiple submissions unless you vary your title. In such cases variations are very useful too.

Submission variation is very important from search engine optimization (SEO) perspective. Because it will allow you to create many unique submissions without too much time and efforts.

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