Wednesday, January 16, 2008

KnowboForm v1.6.3 beta released!

KnowboForm v1.6.3 beta has been released today. This version focuses on creation of profiles using list of values and automation of selection field (like category, etc.) filling-up. Also some efforts were made to quickly perform some frequent tasks using shortcut keys.

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Following improvements are made in v1.6.3 beta:
  • Classified Ad submission template added along with 60+ classified site information.
  • "Quick submit menu items" and their shortcut keys were added, F9=next, F10=fill, F11=add, F12=save shortcut keys
  • Also added the following shortcutkeys: F3=Search Site, F4=Profile dialogue, F5=refresh browser, CTRL+F5=refresh site list, F6=filter/sort, F7=update site, F8=update submission
  • Open multiple submission pages using CTRL+F9
  • Filtering improved to account for scoping
  • Checkbox filling-in added
  • UserID/Password saving bug (uid fld too small) resolved
  • UserID/Password technical field pattern can be saved in "si_uid" and "si_password" field
  • For profile field value like directory category, article category, software category, country, etc. - selection can be made from list of values (LOV) - that will facilitate auto filling of such fields
  • Profile values can be selected from multiple sets of LOV to form multiple patterns/values for a single choice
  • Profile values can be selected from multiple values of a single set to create alternative choices.
Please review and post your feedback.

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