Sunday, January 27, 2008

KnowboForm v1.6.4 beta Released!

KnowboForm v1.6.4 beta has been released on 27 January '08. Many interesting features have been added to this version, such as:

1. Sign-in manager - will allow users to store, update, and one-click sign-in to the sites where log-in is required. This is similar to the facilities built-in in many browsers like Firefox, IE, Opera, etc. The password manager in KnowboForm however does some extra like one-click sign-in. It can store multiple uid/password for a single site and for a single KnowboForm user. It pops-up to allow user to select the intended user id when there are multiple userid stored. KnowboForm Password manager will certainly save website owners' valuable time spent in site promotion.

2. Blog auto-ping services - users will have a standard profile template for blog pinging. A list of prominent ping services (some 20+) have been added to the site list. With this additions KnowboForm site submitter will also be able to help bloggers.

3. Web masters forum list - A list of some 50+ webmaster's forum has been added to the KnowboForm site list. This list however is not intended for auto-posting in forums. Auto posting, that usually spit off irrelevant contents, is considered spamming and has negative impact on your web promotion efforts. The list is there to provide webmasters or website promoters a quick access to forums where they can contribute and indirectly bring visitors to their sites as they become popular in forums. The list is just a handy quick bookmarks with auto-login facility that is certainly a time saver option for busy web business owners.

4. Vary Submission Entries Sequentially or Randomly - An interesting features relevant to creation of submission profile and auto-filling of form has bben added to in this version. During creation of a submission profile one has to enter submission specific information in the respective fields of a form and store that under a profile ID. Considering the SEO aspects of submission, KnowboForm allows you to specify multiple values for a single field. Up until v1.6.3, one entry from those multiple values were randomly chosen during filling-up of the form. In v1.6.4 users will be able to specify whether the value will also be chosen sequentially by rotation. Thus KnowboForm allows you to compose your submission entries by varying unique description, title, and other such fields which is important as search engines usually prefer unique information.

5. Add remarks to your submission profile - you will be able to add some remarks to your submission profile. Click on the "Show/Hide profile note" link on the profile configuration form to do this.

6. Create infinite number of variations - In addition to specifying alternate entries using tilde ( ~ ) symbol in earlier versions, a very cool feature has been added to v1.6.4 beta. That is, users can configure submission profile to create variations within an entry using pipe-and-braces { | } symbols. Users can define alternative entries and entry variations for any descriptive field like Title, Description, Article Body, etc. This feature is particularly important for article body or entry descriptions to create unique looking articles from the search engine's perspective. Many sites do not allow multiple submissions unless you vary your title. In such cases variations are very useful too.

7. Display variations of submission profile - Select Profile / Display Variation from the Profile menu to display first variation. Choose View / Refresh or press [F5] to display the next variation. The next variation will depend on whether sequential or random setting is active. You can select these settings also from the profile menu. Entry variation is one of the powerful features in KnowboForm which enable your to make your submission in a search engine friendly manner.

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